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Combi Boiler Prices

Combi boilers are the most popular choice for keeping homes warm in the winter. But does this represent a cost effective choice for you? In this overview, you’ll find combi boiler prices to help you make an informed purchase decision.

So how much does a combi boiler cost?

Combi boiler prices tend to be higher than other types. However, combi boilers have certain advantages. For example, you won’t have to pay for the supply and installation of separate hot and cold water storage cylinders. As such, the cost for a combi type boiler is often actually lower than that of a conventional or system boiler.

The following table shows the average price of several combi models.

Combi Boiler Prices

Combi Boiler Model
Price (Inc. VAT)
Alpha E-TEC 28kW
Baxi EcoBlue+ Combi 33
Firebird Enviromax Combi Internal 26kW Oil
Glow-worm Energy Combi 30kW
Ideal Logic Combi ESP1 35kW Gas Boiler
Ideal Logic Heat 24kW Combi
Mistral Combi Standard C2 26kW Combi Boiler
Potterton Heatmax Combi HE 28kW
Potterton Promax Ultra 28kW Combi
Vaillant ecoTEC Pro 30kW Combi
Viessmann Vitodens 100-W B1KC 26kW Combi
Worcester Bosch Greenstar 34CDi Classic
Worcester Bosch Greenstar 28CDi Compact
Worcester Bosch Greenstar Heatslave II 25 Combi Oil

You’ll quickly find that prices vary quite a bit. The brand, model, set of features, and output capacity all affect the price so narrowing down the cost is difficult. To solve this issue, the best thing to do is to obtain prices from multiple sources.

Lower your costs while getting the right combi for you

This is where central heating quotes comes in. With our secure form, you’ll receive up to 5 price offers from heating professionals in your area. The form takes away the hard work and time it takes to gather quotes. In the process, you’ll cover more ground in your hunt for the right combi type boiler and even save up to 40% off your purchase.

Combi boiler prices; combi inside kitchen

Wondering about why a combi boiler is cheaper than other boiler types?

As I touched on earlier, the main reason why combi boiler prices are generally lower than other types is because of the installation process. Combi boilers don’t need separate heating components such as an expansion vessel or water storage tanks due to the way they operate.

Because of this, the installation is much simpler and quicker. Not only will you not have to pay for these external parts, you won’t have to pay for a heating engineer to install them. However, you may have to pay for the removal of these extra elements if your previous boiler was not a combi type.

Stacks of coins; combi boiler prices

In addition to this, the higher combi boiler cost will be offset by your energy savings in the future. This type of boiler is one of the most modern and technologically advanced there is. All new models are condensing boilers and some even have energy efficiencies of 90% or higher. This translates to lower fuel bills for you since you won’t have to crank up your heating as much.

Finally, combi type boilers are designed with convenience in mind. After installation and the initial start-up, maintenance, repair, and replacement is relatively easier than other types. Combi boiler costs are lower when it comes to taking care of your heating system.

For servicing, your heating engineer won’t have to inspect any external water tanks since all the components are built into the unit. This reduces maintenance costs and the time needed to carry out this maintenance to a significant extent.

Combi boiler prices. Combi installed in kitchen

Why a combi boiler is great for your home

Combi boilers are meant to be compact, so the parts necessary for space and water heating are inside the unit. You will get hot water on demand, removing the need for a hot water storage cylinder.

This is more efficient than other boiler types; it takes less time for the boiler to heat up. Also, hot water on demand reduces the amount of heat loss. For example, hot water stored in a tank, waiting to be used throughout the day, will gradually give off its heat. This problem is exacerbated if the hot water tank doesn’t have proper insulation.

Combi boilers provide heating effectively and efficiently. This is partly why combi boiler prices are higher than other types. However, this price difference will be offset by the savings you’ll have during the installation, maintenance, and operation of your boiler. Installation is much less complicated and requires less space. Maintenance is easier to complete while the efficiency of the boiler means you’ll lower your energy bills.

Get up to 40% off your combi boiler cost

The best way to save on your boiler purchase is to compare quotes from heating companies. By examining various combi boiler prices, you’ll be able to quickly and easily identify the model that best matches your needs and budget. By providing your information, you’ll receive prices by the next day and be free to choose one, if they meet your requirements.