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New Boiler Cost

Are you having trouble maintaining your boiler? Or are you looking to reduce your current energy costs? Perhaps you have just moved and need to install a new one? Then finding a new boiler is the answer for you.

But before you go out and purchase a new boiler, you should take a careful look at the types, models, and prices. If you decide to purchase a boiler, read on to find out about your new boiler cost, as well as things you need to know before making your decision.

New boiler cost: What’s a reasonable number?

The cost of a new boiler will consist of the actual price paid for the unit itself, labour, installation, and additional components if necessary.

The extra parts that might need to be installed depend on the type of boiler you choose. For example, if you are switching from a system boiler to a conventional one, you will need to install a cold water storage tank as well as an expansion tank.

Piggy bank for new boiler cost

On the other hand, you might need to pay for removal of certain components. If you purchase a combi boiler, you will need to remove both the hot and cold water tanks, along with the expansion tank, as this type of boiler heats water on demand.

Because of this, you will need to take all of these factors into account when calculating your new boiler cost. Below are tables showing the average prices of boiler types and additional costs.

The Cost of A New Boiler

Boiler Type (24kW - 27kW)
Price Range
Gas Combi
£425 - £3,000
Gas Conventional
£560 - £1,810
Gas System
£500 - £2,570
Oil Combi
£1,600 - £3,700
Oil Conventional
£1,130 - £2,380
Oil System
£1,285 - £2,370

Installation Costs

Average Price
Replace conventional boiler, same location- Using an average boiler price of £985
Replace conventional boiler, new location- Using an average boiler price of £985
Replace combi boiler, same location- Using an average boiler price of £920
Replace combi boiler, new location- Using an average boiler price of £920
Switching to a combi boiler system- Using an average boiler price of £920

How to make your new boiler decision easier

Pricing a boiler can be difficult as it depends on the different brands, sizes, and types available. If searching for a new boiler sounds daunting, don’t worry—there is a convenient way to make it easier. With our quote request form, you will be able to obtain price offers from up to 5 heating engineers. With an easy, free, no obligation form, you will lower the new boiler cost by up to 40% and find the right unit for you.

New boiler cost for kitchen boiler

When is the right time to get a new boiler?

With an idea of what the average costs of a new boiler, it’s time to think about whether you actually need one or not. How do you know when to get a new boiler? Here are some situations where you may need to replace your boiler:

  • Boiler breakdown and beyond repair

If your boiler has a problem and the cost to repair is much higher than replacement, your best course of action is to buy a new one. Have an engineer assess your boiler and if they tell you that there is no point in repairing it, it’s time to get a new boiler.

  • Low energy efficiency

If your current boiler does not meet modern energy efficiency standards, it’s time to invest in a new boiler. According to the Energy related Products directive (ErP), boiler products are rated from A++ to G, with G being the least efficient. In general, we recommend replacing older boilers rated G to D with newer models, preferably an A-rated model.

Adjusting the settings of new boiler

  • Insufficient capacity

If you find that your current boiler cannot properly heat your whole home, then a larger boiler is needed. A 24-27kW capacity boiler will heat a 1 to 2 bedroom house, 28-34kW boilers are perfect for a 3 to 4 bedroom property, and anything larger are directed for houses with more than 4 bedrooms.

  • Added value

If you would like to sell your house in the future, upgrading your boiler is a great way to add value. The improved efficiency and heating capacity increases your home’s value and is great for the long term if you want to take advantage of energy savings.

  • Ageing

Boilers should be replaced every 15 years and serviced annually. Older boilers, other than low efficiency, also suffer from high maintenance frequency and costs. A new boiler will save you money in the long run.

Things to consider before buying a new boiler

Even though you have determined that you need a new boiler, there are still a few things to consider. Since the cost of a new boiler can be quite high, your choice should not be made lightly.

Here are 4 things to take into account when buying a new boiler.

  • Professional advice

One of the most important steps when buying a new boiler is to seek the advice of professionals. A certified heating engineer will be able to assess your property as well as your heating needs—they will suggest a boiler type and a few models. They are the best source of practical information.

  • Your home

The characteristics of your house should be a driving factor in your boiler decision. For example, your home’s current heating setup is important since certain boiler types require additional parts like water storage cylinders or expansion tanks. Also, the larger your home, the higher capacity boiler you will need. Moreover, the size affects where the boiler can be installed.

New boiler in kitchen

  • Reliability

A boiler purchase is all about looking to the future, as it will be running your central heating for many years to come. Because of this, you should look to get a reliable model from a trusted brand—this means you might not necessarily choose the cheapest option. This reduces the chance and frequency of breakdowns, and makes servicing much easier.

  • Energy savings

Another long-term view on boilers involves efficiency ratings. A smart purchase for your new boiler is one that will not waste energy. Although it might be difficult to splash some cash up front on a high-tech boiler, you will benefit immensely in the long run. High efficiency boilers translates to savings on fuel costs, optimal heating, and less hassle.

Calculating new boiler costs

Save 40% on your new boiler cost

Sourcing a new boiler for your home is not an easy task. You might be feeling overwhelmed with all of the options available. Fortunately, qualified heating engineers are more than happy to assist you. To find a trustworthy, competent engineer, it is best to take some time and shop around. Compare their services, details, and prices by sending a free, non-binding quote request. You will be able to locate the perfect new boiler and reduce costs by 40%!