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Central Heating Installation

Central heating installation is a cost and labour intensive endeavour. There are many tasks needed to be done—from fitting the pipework throughout your house, placing radiators to be ready for use in your rooms, and of course installing the boiler.

While it is possible to install the whole system on your own, it is recommended to have it done by a professional installer due to the complex nature of central heating. On this page, you will find the price and tasks involved with installing a central heating system.

Plumber checking boiler; central heating installation

Central heating installation: what price to expect

Installing a new central heating system is incredibly costly. Think about all the components needed and you can start to visualise the high total price of both supply and labour.

With everything involved, you need to have a general idea of the cost to avoid nasty surprises. If you know the average price of a central heating system, you will be better informed when determining whether a quote is reasonable or not.

That being said, the type of heating system and the specific details of the installation can vary greatly depending on multiple factors in your home. Because of this, it is difficult to calculate an exact price. Expect a lot of variability in terms of prices and that obtaining multiple quotes and averages is the best way of determining an accurate price.

Central Heating System Installation Cost

CHS for a 2 bedroom house£2,180 - £2,700- Includes gas boiler, 6 radiators, water tank parts, pipework, and extra parts
CHS for a 3 bedroom house£3,230 - £4,350- Includes gas boiler, 9 radiators, water tank, pipework, and extra parts
Open vented CHS£3,800 - £4,000- Includes the price of fitting
Sealed CHS£4,000 - £5,500- Includes the price of fitting

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Your central heating system is vital for a warm, comfortable home. That is why you want to make the right choice. Rather than making a hasty decision and going with the first or cheapest company, take the time to look around.

If you opt for the cheapest models and installers, the quality might be lacking and there could be faults in the installation, resulting in unexpected costs later down the road. Avoid the extra costs and headache by comparing central heating companies. Provide your information in the quote request form, receive up to 5 price offers from local, trusted professionals, and save up to 40%.

Central heating installation

What does central heating installation involve?

In order to install central heating, there are many tasks other than just fitting a boiler and radiators. A central heating system is complex and is made up of several components, which will vary based on the type you choose.

You will need to install a boiler, water storage tanks, radiators, pipes, expansions vessels, pump, controls, and various other components. For special circumstances, you might choose to install underfloor heating or fan heaters.

Gas central heating installation of boiler and radiators

You can complete certain aspects of the central heating installation by yourself, such as the pipework and radiators. You can also install the electrical systems and controls if you are capable.

However, you will need an accredited contractor to connect to the gas supply and inspect that everything is installed properly.

Although the actual job to install central heating is complex, the tasks can be narrowed down 6 main steps.

  • Select the boiler type and radiator models depending on your needs and adequacy to your home.
  • Find the right space for your boiler and Install the boiler and its various components.
  • Fit the radiators in rooms around your home.
  • Lay pipes throughout your house and connected to valves of the boiler, radiators, water tanks, and outlets.
  • Ensure all radiator vents are closed and fill the system with water. Vent through each radiator to dislodge as much air as possible.
  • Turn on the boiler to heat up the water. Balance the flow of hot water on each radiator by using the valves.

Family relaxing indoors in warm house; central heating installation

Save up to 40% on your central heating installation

Installing a full central heating system, with boilers, radiators, pipework, and controls, is an expensive undertaking. Because of the heavy investment, you probably want to reduce costs as much as possible without having to sacrifice quality.

To do this, send a quote request to multiple contractors—compare their prices, level of services, and capabilities to find the right company for you. The form takes only 1 minute to fill, after which you will receive up to 5 replies in your inbox with price offers from companies operating in your area.